Congratulations to Mayte and Taras, winners of the poster prize, Quantum Days 2022, 10 Febuary, 2022.

A short review on the recent advances of optomechanical systems, published in Nature Physics, December 6, 2021.

Our CFI-JELF application has been accepted. This federal funding allows us to purchase our second fridge that will be used to develop the base components of quantum computing, 11 August, 2021. Read more here

Funding and advisory support provided by Alberta Innovates through the Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Concepts Program will allow us to develop quantum sensors, 1 June 2021.

Our “microwave-to-optical photon transducer” is published in Nature Communications, 8 September, 2020

Lab is Ready, 17 July, 2020

NSERC Discovery Grant, 5 June, 2020

Our group has successfully received the NSERC Discovery Grant, which will support the research for the next five years.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Wikipedia

Lab under reconstruction, 5 June, 2020

Our lab renovation has been started at the beginning of April 2020 and will be finished by the end of June 2020.

Microwave Quantum Illumination, 9 May, 2020

In this paper we experimentally investigate the concept of quantum illumination at microwave frequencies. We generate entangled fields to illuminate a room-temperature object at a distance of 1 m in a free-space detection setup. We implement a digital phase-conjugate receiver based on linear quadrature measurements that outperforms a symmetric classical noise radar in the same conditions, despite the entanglement-breaking signal path.
Read more here: ScienceAdvancesarXivMIT TechReviewPhysOrgAPA