Quantum Sensing and Imaging


Mayte Y. Li Gomez, MSc. Student
Taras Hrushevskyi, RA

Quantum Scanner: Our primary objective is to both experimentally develop and theoretically study high-resolution, non-invasive quantum sensors, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating the proof-of-concept for a quantum scanner. This scanner will revolutionize imaging and sensing applications in various fields, including clinical diagnostics. Our research and development roadmap entails conducting meticulous experimental investigations to validate the effectiveness of our ultrasensitive quantum sensors. By employing these sensors, we aim to enhance our understanding of diseases, improve diagnostic capabilities, and enable the identification of more targeted therapeutic strategies.

Unlike traditional approaches that rely on intense radiation to probe biological samples, our methodology involves exposing these samples to extremely weak optical light. We can achieve comparable or even superior visibilities by utilizing a small number of quantum-correlated photons. This fundamental distinction sets the stage for the next generation of non-invasive quantum technologies, particularly beneficial for applications involving delicate and light-sensitive materials. We anticipate that the development of these cutting-edge technologies will not only be unique in Canada but also have a significant global impact, particularly in the healthcare industry. By pushing the boundaries of quantum sensing, we strive to advance medical diagnostics and contribute to the well-being of individuals worldwide.

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