Our papers are accessible on arXiv and Google scholar.


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Title: Optomechanics for quantum technologies


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Title: Converting microwave and telecom photons with a silicon photonic nanomechanical interface

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Title: Microwave Quantum Illumination using a Digital Receiver
News coverage: MIT


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Title: Perspectives on quantum transduction


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Title: Electro-optic entanglement source for microwave to telecom quantum state transfer

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Title: Stationary entangled radiation from micromechanical motion
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Shabir Barzanjeh, Matteo Aquilina, and André Xuereb, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 060601(2018).
Title: Manipulating the Flow of Thermal Noise in Quantum Devices.
News coverage: PhysOrg, Innovations-report, Ecnmag.

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Title: Towards non-invasive cancer diagnostics and treatment based on electromagnetic fields, optomechanics and microtubules.


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Title: Monitoring Microtubule Mechanical Vibrations via Optomechanical Coupling.

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Title: Mechanical On-Chip Microwave Circulator.
News coverage: spacedaily, nanowerk.


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Title: Tunable mechanical coupling between driven microelectromechanical resonators.

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Title:Phonon Josephson junction with nanomechanical resonators.


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Title: Microwave Quantum Illumination.
News coverage: PRL Focus, sciencedaily, homelandsecuritynewswire, digitaljournal.

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Title: Cooling of a Nanomechanical Resonator in Presence of a Single Diatomic Molecule

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Title: Generating quantum discord between two distant Bose-Einstein condensates with Bell-like detection.


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Title: Dispersive Qubit Measurement by Interferometry with Parametric Amplifiers.

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Title: Stochastic Master Equation Analysis of Optimized Three-Qubit Nondemolition Parity Measurement.

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Title: Steady-state entanglement, cooling, and tristability in a nonlinear optomechanical cavity.


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Title:Continuous-variable dense coding by optomechanical cavities.

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Title: Controllability of optical bistability, cooling and entanglement in hybrid cavity optomechanical systems by nonlinear atom–atom interaction.

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Title: Nonlinear effects of atomic collisions on the optomechanical properties of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical cavity.


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Title: Reversible Optical-to-Microwave Quantum Interface.


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Title: Effect of phase noise on the generation of stationary entanglement in cavity optomechanics.

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Title: Entanglement Sudden Death and Sudden Birth in Semiconductor Microcavities.

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Title: Generation of motional nonlinear coherent states and their superposition via an intensity-dependent coupling of a cavity field to a micromechanical membrane.


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Title:  Dynamical behavior of entanglement in semiconductor microcavities.

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Title: Dynamical behaviours of the nonlinear atom–field interaction in the presence of classical gravity: f-deformation approach.