Topological Integrated Quantum Systems


Shirin Afzal, Post Doc
Majid Taghavi Dehaghani, Post Doc
Mahdi Rizvandi, Ph.D. Student

Topological photonic insulators, a fascinating phase of matter in photonics, have garnered significant attention for their exceptional capability to transport light through topologically protected edge states, impervious to defects and scattering. Recently, the utilization of topological edge states has led to the development of robust quantum sources, leveraging nonlinearity within topological lattices. However, these sources typically necessitate a high-power pump that travels across numerous unit cells along the lattice edges. Our objective is to advance the generation of entangled photon pairs by harnessing a novel topological resonance found within the bulk of Floquet topological lattices integrated into photonic chips. Notably, these Floquet topological resonances exhibit a high Q-factor, owing to their cavity-less nature, eliminating the need for physical boundaries. Our specific aim is to demonstrate an efficient, robust, and tunable quantum source within a topologically protected nanophotonic platform.

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