Electro-optomechanical Systems

Armin Tabesh, MSc. Student

Electro and optomechanics represent thriving areas of research that delve into the interaction between mechanical resonators and the radiation pressure exerted by electromagnetic fields. The optomechanical coupling finds widespread application across various domains, serving as a sensor for detecting minute forces and displacements, as well as an actuator in integrated electrical, optical, and optoelectronic systems. For a comprehensive understanding of optomechanical systems, we recommend referring to the review paper provided.

In our research group, we leverage electromechanical systems to explore quantum coherence and harness their potential for bidirectional photon conversion between the optical and microwave domains. By investigating the intricate interplay between electromagnetic fields and mechanical resonators, we aim to advance our understanding of quantum phenomena and pave the way for innovative applications in quantum information processing and communication.

The mechanical-based circulator can also be used to control the flow of thermal noises and heat in quantum devices.
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