About me

Group Leader

Shabir Barzanjeh
Assistant Professor

My research goals are directed towards both experimental and theoretical studying the dynamics and interactions of nanofabricated electrical, mechanical and photonic quantum circuits. With a strong background in the field of superconducting circuit QED obtained in the group of David DiVincenzo at RWTH Aachen, I received Marie Skłodowska Curie fellowship to work as a postdoctoral fellow at Johannes Fink’s group to experimentally develop integrated electro- and optomechanical devices as well as superconducting circuits that operate in the quantum regime. My pioneering scientific research in proposing the novel microwave-optical photon conversion based on mechanical resonator has opened a new method for coherently converting optical photons to microwave photons and consequently implementing microwave-optical quantum teleportation. I was one of the first to develop the notion of quantum radar (sensor) and proposed the prototype microwave quantum illumination (sensor).

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