Microwave-to-Optical Photon Transducer

8 September, 2020 – Shabir Barzanjeh Our paper Converting microwave and telecom photons with a silicon photonic nanomechanical interface has been published in Nature Communications. In this work we utilize the unique opportunities of silicon photonics, cavity optomechanics and superconducting circuits to demonstrate a fully integrated, coherent transducer interfacing the microwave X and the telecomContinue reading “Microwave-to-Optical Photon Transducer”

Microwave Quantum Illumination

9 May, 2020 – Shabir Barzanjeh Our paper Microwave quantum illumination using a digital receiver has been published. In this work we experimentally investigate the concept of quantum illumination at microwave frequencies. We generate entangled fields to illuminate a room-temperature object at a distance of 1 m in a free-space detection setup. We implement aContinue reading “Microwave Quantum Illumination”